Aloe Vera


For the anecdote :

One day I found by chance an Aloe Vera cream, unused in a cupboard at my Mom's house. I used it as I was lacking moisturizing cream.

After a few weeks, my complexion was glowing and my face illuminated. One of my colleagues would often asked herself how come I could have such a lovely and shiny complexion.

I then started to use an Aloe Vera gel on the top of my chest which had slightly wrinkled after some long sunbathing in the South of France. I was so astonished and joyful when they appear to reduce more and more as I was using the gel.

Additionally, the Aloe Vera gel made a strange brown spot which I had since more than 2 years disappear as well as some scratches and scars which I got after riding moutain bike (yes even after the age of 40, you may practice dangerous sports !).

Now I cannot live without my magic cream and gel. The idea of distributing this product just came naturally to me and I am very happy to share this (old well-known) secret with you ! 

Yours faithfully,

Tuyen Nguyen
EternAloe Founder