Aloe Vera creams for your face.


Moisturizing cream with Aloe Vera (Herbaloe 5310)

Moisturizing cream for normal to dry skin. It hydrates and protects the skin, producing a regenerative and smoothening effect due to its high Aloe Vera content. It helps maintain skin elasticity with a regenerating effect that relieves sunburn and age spots caused by the sun. It is also ideal for sensitive skin and after-sun exposure.

(Content 100 ml)

Aloe Vera day cream 50 ml (Pur Aloe)

This fluid moisturizing cream is quickly absorbed. It contains 30% fresh biological Aloe Vera gel which guarantees high content of vitamins, polysaccharides and minerals.

Applied to the face, the skin becomes smooth and elastic, wrinkles diminish. The moisturizing film that forms on the surface protects from external aggressions such as drying due to wind, salt, sunburn and pollution.

Aloe Vera softens, refines and tightens the facial skin. It reinforces, protects and rejuvenates the skin.

Use: you can use daily both in the morning and evening. Thanks to its smooth texture, it is not greasy.

Active Ingredients: 30% certified organic and OperAequa fair trade Aloe Vera , beeswax, sweet almond oil, organic sunflower oil, vitamin E.

(Content 50 ml)

Aloe Vera intense cream 50 ml (Pur Aloe)

This revitalizing cream is a highly enriched version of the Pur Aloe "classic" face cream. It contains more Aloe Vera, but also a mix of noble materials such as beeswax, shea butter, sesame oil, macadamia walnut oil, carrot extract, all known to promote wellbeing and regeneration of the skin. These noble materials allow complete overhaul of your skin damaged by harsh conditions of modern life. Your skin will be softer, smoother and regenerated. Better protected, it will also appear more reinforced and rejuvenated as well.

Use: to enjoy the combined benefits of sleep and care, it is recommended to apply a dab of Pur Aloe Intense Cream on the face and neck in the evening before bedtime.  Massage long enough to make it penetrate into the skin.

Active Ingredients: 35% certified organic and OperAequa fair trade Aloe Vera, beeswax, shea butter, sweet almond oil, organic sesame oil, macadamia oil, carrot extract.

(Content 50 ml)